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It’s 2018 and the choice of makeup these days is almost limitless with brands bringing out new products every week, it almost feels like we’re spoilt for choice.

Although we may look good on the outside our makeup can be damaging and can age our skin before our very eyes.

However, Youngblood makeup changes all that.

Youngblood makeup is different from other makeup brands because it uses mineral and natural products as its main ingredients.

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Mineral makeup is becoming a lot more popular in recent years, this is most likely because it is a lot healthier for your skin than regular makeup.

Mineral makeup binds to oils rather than water; this means the makeup resists the skins natural water which is a lot more beneficial for the skin.

Makeup is actually good for you, (depending on what brand you purchase), it helps create a barrier between your skin and free radicals floating in the air, (such as pollution and dust).

The only reason makeup is seen as bad for you is due to certain brands using harsh chemicals in their products which react badly to the skin.

Mineral makeup is extremely versatile as it applies to the skin really well and you can also add water to the foundation to create the consistency you desire.

As mineral makeup is so adjustable it’s often a favourite of celebrities and beauty bloggers.

Makeup artists like Tina Turnbow who work with celebrities like Ivanka Trump, Brooke Sheilds and Jennifer Aniston often use a lot of products from the Youngblood Mineral Makeup collection.

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Tina frequently uses the Youngblood primer along with a few drops of the Youngblood foundation, “I like how lightweight it is and it blends well, I can also build it up if needed”.

Jessica Alba is also a long-time fan of the brand as she is very invested in using natural products for her skin, she uses most of the Youngblood makeup products but particularly loves the mascara and lipstick in shade Tangelo.

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Youngblood was created by former medical aesthetician Pauline Youngblood.

A mineral blend such as Malachite, Rhodolite, hematite and Zincite is used to help protect cells and tissues in the skin.

The coverage on the makeup is phenomenal and creates a radiant glow as it works in harmony with your skin.

At Bank Aesthetics we are proud to announce that we are stockists of Youngblood makeup.

We truly believe that this makeup is not just good for your skin but it’s good for your confidence too!

Visit the Youngblood website for more information or contact our Kenilworth Clinic to find out more about the cosmetic products we stock.

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Youngblood Mineral Cosmetics