Women’s Advice

We all experience a change in how our body and skin looks.


Retaining a youthful and bright look is made much easier with the range of treatments that I offer.



Why do women seek non surgical treatments?


The appearance of lines and wrinkles can affect your confidence and make your life less fun.


Many women come to me for advice and treatment because they want to feel good and look great.  We are all growning old and today there is a range of products and treatments that can reduce the effect of ageing.


Women want to feel confident meeting new people and deserve to look great.  Many of my clients began their treatment because they either wanted to look good for their partner or following a decision to being looking for that new ‘special someone’. 



Fine line removal

Many women are bothered by fine lines and want them reduced or removed.  Using our dermal roller  treatments will improve your skin texture, produce an even skin tone and increase your skins elasticity.



Soften around the eyes, reduce frown lines and forehead

Botox is a well known product that can soften or remove wrinkles and lines around the eyes.


We all smile and frown and these expressions can leave an imprint on our face.  Botox is something you should consider to reduce lines.



What to expect when we meet

Most of my new clients will have researched the internet for the conditions that affect them.


I like to spend time you to discuss your requirements and aims. 


We will discuss what issues you want to address and from this conversation (it’s a proper conversation too so that we get to know each other) I am able to recommend an approach tailored to your needs.


You can be sure that your appointment with me will be treated in confidence.