Professional Medical Teeth Whitening

Enlighten Teeth LogoWe are delighted to announce that we are now working in association with the highly respected Pennington Dental Practice and are able to offer our clients the latest in Tooth Whitening procedures.

Dr Fuzail Jamall, owner and Clinical director of the Pennington Group which has practices in Kenilworth and Coventry and Warwickshire, is a specialist in using Enlighten Evolution, a teeth whitening product often referred to as the biggest breakthrough in Tooth Whitening in the last 15 years.teeth-whitening

The Enlighten Whitening Treatment produces natural looking, fresh white teeth and is long lasting, safe and extremely effective.

The procedure is quite simple and generally takes 2 weeks for most patients. Dr Jamall will take a precise impression of your teeth, which will be sent off to a laboratory where a bleaching tray is made to the exact impression of your teeth. During the time it takes to make these trays, you will be given special toothpaste to use which will be the start of your teeth whitening treatment. Once you receive your bleaching trays you will need to wear them overnight for approximately two weeks.

Results of this procedure can last for years if you follow the instructions from your dentist.

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