Why we use Obagi products – A personal message from Maria Phillips, Director and Lead Aesthetics Practitioner at Bank Aesthetics.

A number of years ago, I discovered a company called Obagi. Obagi specialises in cosmeceutical skin health products, which Obagi Blue Peelmeans their products are created using prescription-strength formulations and are available only through medically trained and approved suppliers. Their medical credentials immediately sparked my interest as for a long time I had been questioning the effectiveness of many beauty skin care product ranges we are surrounded by on a day to day basis.

Seven years ago I started using Obagi products and I haven’t looked back. When I opened the clinic in 2013, I couldn’t wait to start stocking the products myself so I could pass on the wonderful results to my clients.

Obagi has a clinically proven track record of over 50 years demonstrating how their products improve skin health.

I have only been treating patients for a relatively short time with Obagi products, but already I have seen some amazing results.

Obagi promotes prevention rather than cure; they don’t employ any gimmicky marketing tactics or waste money on expensive packaging. What you see is what you get and it works.

The products feel luxurious on your skin and because such a tiny amount is needed in each applications, your products last a while and provide real value for money.

To find how Obagi can improve your skin health, please book in with me for a FREE skin consultation. Call us today on 01926 859988.