The 5 Questions to Ask Before Taking the Step into Aesthetics

Aesthetic Questions If you’re considering an aesthetic procedure like a facial aesthetic procedure such as dermal fillers, you should make sure you are fully informed.

Before making a decision, consult with a medical expert who is specialised and highly trained in aesthetic treatments such as Bank Aesthetics. To give you peace of mind, just ask these 5 questions:
1 Which brands of products do you use, and why?
When it comes to quality, not all aesthetic products are the same. Understanding how they may differ is important and something to discuss with your practitioner at Bank Aesthetics. It’s a good idea to find out more about how an aesthetic product is manufactured; find out where it’s made and ask us for information about the manufacturing or quality control process.  At Bank Aesthetics we use only  the golden standard, researched, evidence based products as we believe that our clients deserve nothing less than the best. Allergan’s vast range of products are are far advanced and are used by the most respected and reputable professional world wide.

2 Has the product been extensively tested and researched?
Aesthetic products should be backed by science and have a proven track record, so make certain you are comfortable about the information available that supports the product’s safety and effectiveness and your aesthetics clinic should be happy to provide evidence that supports the safety and effectiveness of the product or treatment you are interested in.  At Bank Aesthetics all our products are licensed for the use of Aesthetic medicine, where many others do not carry that stamp of safety. Licensing takes many years to achieve from clinical trials so without its testing and stamp of approval we would not consider using it.

3 Is the manufacturer one you trust, and why?
You only want the best for your body. When you call to make your appointment, make sure you ask for more information about the heritage, quality and reputation of the company who makes the product.  Allergan and the other manufactures of products used at Bank Aesthetics provide practitioners with first class training and this commitment is ongoing so all are procedures are up to date and this gives the best safest results for our clients.

4 How widely is the product used around the world?
Confidence comes with knowledge and experience. Find out more about the product’s use by patients and practitioners around the world. Ask us for our advice. We are always happy to help. The statistics show more procedures are performed globally with Allergan than any other manufacture. Which makes it a leader and world class product !!!

5 How satisfied are your patients with the results?
To receive the product that best meets your needs, explain your clinician the result you want to achieve and let them show you other patients’ outcomes. It’s your body, and it’s your right to know all you can about what is involved before you decide if a procedure is right for you. At Bank Aesthetics, we are happy to show you evidence of great results.

  • Our client return rate is extremely high
  • We record client comfort in every procedure as standard
  • Our clients see minimal bruising and down time
  • Bank Aesthetics Clients report an increase in confidence in personal appearance

We’d be happy to answer any questions you may have, simply contact us.