Obagi Patient Ambassador – Catherine begins her new Skin Care Regime

Following on from her Obagi Blue Radiance Peel, Catherine begins her new daily skin care regime:


On day 1, I brought the products home and read the instructions carefully. My first go was actually in the evening, so I set out the various bottles in their correct sequence and Obagi CRX Systemfollowed the step-by-step programme. So far, so good.


Some small questions arose in my mind: when applying a ‘pearl-sized’ amount, how much was enough? I tried, first of all, with just a very small amount (as drawn on the bottle by Maria) but I don’t think I squeezed out quite enough.


In the morning, I had my a.m. routine to follow. Feeling more confident, off I went, applying carefully the selected items. This time, the size of the ‘pearl’ (a fraction larger) matched the one illustrated in the instruction leaflet. I felt I had enough to smooth the product all over my face but not too much. On top of the routine, I needed SPF so that went on, too.


I then applied my mineral powder, blush and eye make up.


How does it feel?


At this stage, my skin feels fine. There’s some peeling around the crook of the chin and a little by the nose, but nothing too bad at all. On applying the products, there’s a little warmth, but nothing as zingy as the initial Blue Radiance Peel.


Other people comment that I look really well, but let’s see what Maria thinks when I see her in a couple of weeks time.


A word about the products


The first product I use in the system is the foaming cleanser. Because my skin type is normal/oily, I use the gel cleanser. It’s pink in colour with just a faint rose-like scent. A little goes a long way, so I squeeze out an amount about the size of a 5p piece and apply it to a damp face. It rinses off well, then I’m ready to apply the toner.


I’ll write again next week with an update at the end of week 2!

If you would like to know more about the Obagi product range and
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