Obagi Patient Ambassador – What a difference 6 weeks makes

Yesterday, I had my consultation with Maria at the 6-week point of my Obagi journey. Catherine Gordon after 6 weeks

After having improved the way in which I applied the products, the last 3 weeks had really seen some improvement with some very light peeling in places (which was a positive, as it told me that things were working properly).

At yesterday’s meeting with Maria, we compared ‘before and after’ pics. Oh my goodness! After only 6 weeks, there has been quite a change. I had not appreciated how much sun damage I had before. Now, my face is brighter and clearer (especially on the cheeks) and I’m loving how much more even the skin tone has become.

I’m going to finish using the products in the Nu Derm system, then will return to Bank Aesthetics to discuss going onto the maintenance programme.

The key message for me is that I will never show my face to the world without first applying SPF!


Catherine has told us she is “chuffed” with the appearance of her skin. It has been a delight for us to treat her and we are also delighted with the results; as we always are with Obagi.

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