Obagi Patient Ambassador – Week 4

I’m now approaching the end of Week 4 of using the Obagi Nu Derm system. The end of the six-week course is fast approaching and I’m feeling a bit sad that I’ve passed the  Catherine at week 4mid-way point, as I’ve enjoyed the systematic twice-daily routine using the Obagi products.

How’s it going?

My skin continues to respond well to the treatment. Now that I’m more expert in applying the products, I’m experiencing a little more of a tingle when some of the products go onto the skin.

The third product in the sequence is the ‘No 3. Clear’ skin brightening cream. You apply just a little, massage it into the skin, then take it out to the edges of a face in a feathering motion. I’m feeling a little more tingle as this goes on. The fourth product in the sequence is applied straight after the Clear cream. It is used mornings only. This is an exfoliant, so again there’s a little bit of zing!

There has been a little bit of peeling around the nose, but nothing that anyone would notice.

How does my skin look?

I think my skin looks lighter and brighter. The signs of ageing I had before (notably sun damage) are fading, resulting in a more consistent skin tone overall.

Let’s see how things look in a week’s time. Only two more weeks to go!

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