Obagi Patient Ambassador – Mid-Way Review

Our Obagi Patient Ambassador, Catherine is now half-way through her treatment…

Half way through my 6-week Nu-Derm system, I was grateful to have the opportunity to have a consultation with Maria. How did she think my skin looked? Was I using the Photo of Catherine Gordon - mid-way throughright amount of product?

Maria looked carefully at my skin and we discussed how I was getting on with the products. It was really helpful to do this, as I learned that I needed to be more effective in applying the products to my face. We got the products out of their case and I showed Maria how I had been applying them.

Making the process more effective

I did need to make some changes to my application method. Especially for the items that needed to be blended together, it was important to get the products onto my face before blending with my fingers. I’d been gently rubbing my fingers together to distribute the product onto both hands – a throwback from when I trained in beauty therapy and warmed products in my hands before applying. Not so with these medical products! I need to dot them over my face then massage them in gently.

Now, I should begin to see more of a reaction, as my skin has tolerated the products very well so far.

I’ll check in with you again in a few days time to see how the revised regime is suiting me.