From Beautifil to Bank – it’s all change!

Bank AestheticsIt is as an exciting time for Maria Phillips, Clinical Director and Lead Clinical Practitioner at Kenilworth based Beautifil Aesthetics. Since opening in November 2013 the clinic has grown from strength to strength with a 200% increase in its client base as news of Maria’s impeccable reputation and level of patient care has spread across Coventry and Warwickshire.

To cope with the increase in patient numbers, the clinic, which is based in the Bank Gallery in the old High Street, is on the move. But it’s not going far, as Maria Phillips explains,

“Patient care both before and after treatment is our number one priority and so when the opportunity arose for us to take over one of the bigger pemises in the Bank Gallery, I jumped at the chance to make the move. Our new location has lovely views over the garden and St Nicholas’ Church. The secluded reception area provides privacy and more space for our patients to relax in.”

An even greater change for the business is the change in name. From 1 May 2016 Beautifil Aesthetics will be known as Bank Aesthetics. Maria tells us more about the big decision to re-name her business,

“Over the past few years I have seen a huge increase in the number of men we treat. I want my clinic to provide a warm welcome to everyone and I felt that the old name was very feminine.  I feel now is the right time to make the change as I look to build on the success of the clinic and extend my client base even further. “

Bank Aesthetics will be officially re-launching on Thursday 19th May and Maria welcomes people to come and join the team to help them celebrate this milestone. Places are limited so if you would like to attend the re-launch, please call Bank Aesthetics on 01926 859988 or email the clinic via its website

Bank Aesthetics Achieve Save Face Excellence Status

Save Face ExcellenceWe are delighted to announce that we have just been awarded Excellence Status from Save Face after receiving excellent customer feedback.

The quality of our patient care is a number one priority for us and to be recognised with this award is a wonderful achievement. We would like to thank all our patients who have taken the time to leave us a review.

Save Face has introduced its accreditation scheme to give you peace of mind. To become accredited we have passed a rigorous assessment process and demonstrated that our clinic, our practitioner and our products are all of the highest standard and our patients are in safe hands.

Take a look at our Save Face profile.

If you would like to know more about us or Save Face, please call us on 01926 859988.

Bank Aesthetics provides non-surgical aesthetics treatments for men and women from Coventry and Warwickshire.

Thinking about Botox™? The Four Essential Questions to Ask

Research shows that on average people take 10 years to decide that they are actually going to go ahead Fine Lines and Wrinkleswith an anti-ageing treatment such as Botox™. After taking so long to think about it, you need to be sure that the treatment is right for you and that the clinic and practitioner you choose are the best possible.

A treatment such as Botox™ is not like having a facial or a massage, it is intrusive and so it’s essential you have all the facts before going ahead with it. Before making a decision, consult with a medical expert who specialises in and is highly trained in aesthetic treatments such as Bank Aesthetics.

To give you peace of mind, just ask these 4 questions:

1. How long have you been administering Botox™ and what training do you have?

Make sure the practitioner you choose is experienced and has the qualifications to back up what they are telling you. We are horrified by the number of cases we see where someone has been on a day’s course and is then allowed to carry out anti-ageing treatments such as Botox™. Any injection into the skin must be viewed as a medical procedure and as such be carried out by someone with medical training. Your practitioner must take the time to understand your medical history to minimize the risks of the procedure going wrong.

Maria Phillips, Bank Aesthetics Practitioner is a Registered Nurse, with years of experience in Healthcare and Aesthetics. Maria strives to keep her skills up to date and regularly attends training courses to keep her skills up to date with the latest techniques. View our qualifications here.

2. Can I read reviews or testimonials and see a portfolio of your work?

A good practitioner will be able to direct you to reviews which will give you a good indication of their standard of work and level of patient care. You must remember that this is an invasive treatment and must be viewed as a medical procedure and you are the patient. Experienced practitioners will also be able to show you a portfolio of their work so you can see before and after photos for yourself.

Over the years Bank Aesthetics has collected many reviews and testimonials, all of which back up Maria’s knowledge and expertise and her passion for a high level of patient care.

3. Can you talk me through your consultation process?

Make sure whoever you are seeing spends time with you to discuss your medical history and also fully explain how Botox™ works and how the treatment will be carried out. It is vital that you are 100% confident in the practitioner because if things go wrong it can have a disastrous and life-changing effect on you. It is also important that your practitioner fully understands the look you want to achieve.

Bank Aesthetics carry out a complimentary consultation on all their clients. This includes establishing your medical history and discussing any concerns you may have. Maria will talk you through the procedure and also provide advice to ensure that your treatment not only achieves the look you want, but also looks natural. After all, the only person you really want to know about your Botox™ treatment is you!

4. What products do you use and why?

When it comes to quality, not all aesthetic products are the same. Understanding how they may differ is important and something to discuss with your practitioner at Bank Aesthetics. It’s a good idea to find out more about how an aesthetic product is manufactured; find out where it’s made and ask us for information about the manufacturing or quality control process.  Aesthetic products should be backed by science and have a proven track record, so make certain you are comfortable about the information available that supports the product’s safety and effectiveness. Your aesthetics clinic should be happy to provide evidence that supports the safety and effectiveness of the product or treatment you are interested in.

Clients visit Bank Aesthetics for Botox™ treatments from across Coventry and Warwickshire. We  work within the industry specific legal requirements and our treatments are always carried out to the highest standard. We use Allergan products which are used by the most respected and reputable professionals worldwide. These products are licensed for the use of Aesthetic medicine and carry that stamp of safety. Licensing of aesthetic products takes many years to achieve, starting with clinical trials.

We are happy to answer any further questions you may have and we offer a FREE Skin Care Consultation to all our patients prior to any treatments being undertaken.

To book your first FREE initial consultation please call our Kenilworth clinic
on 01926 859988.

Bank Aesthetics – Experienced, medically qualified nurse practitioner providing treatments for Botox™ to Coventry clients

Looking for great gift ideas for Christmas? Don’t choose Cheap Botox injections

In the lead up to Christmas, the demand for non-surgical cosmetic procedures has led to an increase in the number of people administering these types of treatments at incredibly low prices. Non-surgical cosmetic procedures, and botulinum toxin (Botox™) injections are costly and for a very good reason. The costs involved in using licensed products, providing an excellent standard of service and follow up and meeting the necessary safety requirements is huge and so in order to meet these costs, quality practitioners who have to set their prices accordingly.

clinic treatment areaIn order to offer ‘cheap botox’ unqualified practitioners are unlikely to invest in any of the above. They don’t invest in research, training, the environment they work in, care standards and protection should things go wrong and they are an accident waiting to happen. There are lots of risks involved in non-surgical cosmetic procedures, and without the necessary safeguards in place, side effects and complications are more likely to occur.

Quality non-surgical cosmetic treatments are expensive, and as such, patients receiving them have the right to expect a quality service in an appropriate environment. Botulinum toxin (Botox™) injections should never be administered at a party, in a hotel room, at a shop or at home. All patients, when researching and receiving these treatments, should expect to be treated with respect; be kept fully informed; and to be given time, care and attention throughout the entire experience.

In order to ensure their safety, patients should always select a qualified, established practitioner who has built up a good reputation over time. New patients should check on the aesthetic practitioner’s experience, qualifications and products used – as only a few products are licensed. The chosen practitioner should have a physical address and a landline listed on their website.

Maria Phillips, Medical Aesthetics Practitioner and Regional Lead Nurse of The British Association of Cosmetic Nurses at Bank Aesthetics based in Kenilworth says: “As a responsible non-surgical cosmetic practitioner I invest heavily in training and ongoing education in order to expertly deliver safe treatments for my patients and having received initial training I will continue to invest in further education, attending conferences, workshops, training updates and meetings. These are medical not beauty treatments and should be used with great respect. We pride ourselves in raising standards in our industry and the safety of our patients is a priority for us.”

For a FREE skin consultation or to find out more information please call Maria Phillips, Bank Aesthetics, on 01926 859988.

The importance of using a toner on your skin?

Do you use a toner as part of your daily skin care regime?  Many people do not use a toner because they are unsure of why they should use it and when they should use it.

Obagi Nu-Derm TonerThe benefits of using a toner regularly

You should use a toner as part of your daily skin care regime as it adjusts the PH of your skin and prepares your skin for optimum absorption of other skin care products. A good toner also gives your skin a taut, cool and refreshed feel. It removes the outer layers of oils from your skin and it is the perfect way to prepare your skin for the day.

Most toners usually contain alcohol and water and other ingredients chosen to suit your skin type. Toners for dry skin tend to have less alcohol (which dries skin) and include more moisturisers.

You should use a toner after cleansing to help remove any grime and oils from your skin surface. They help to freshen and tighten your face, prior to applying a moisturiser and make-up.

After cleansing in the morning and evening, we recommend you using a toner such as Obagi Nu-Derm® Toner. Just apply it to a cotton pad and then wipe over your face and neck. You do not have to rinse it off after applying.

If you start to use a toner regularly it can make a real difference to how your skin looks and feels. Make sure that you find a toner suitable for your skin type and if you are unsure as to which to buy then please call us to arrange a FREE skin consultation.

Look after your skin every day including holidays

Did you know that your skin is the largest organ in your body, and like any other organ, it needs to be properly nourished to stay healthy.  However, when you go on holiday or if you are just travelling in general, it is not always easy to maintain your skin care regime but our simple tips below will help to keep your skin in tip top condition.

Always apply a good sunscreen before leaving home

Obagi Sun ShieldToo much sun can cause damage to the skin, increase premature visible signs of aging and cause more serious effects such as skin cancer.

It only takes a minute to apply a suncreen such as the Obagi Sun Shield Matte Broad Spectrum in the morning, and it may just save you from the future consequences of too much sun exposure.  It is important to apply it everyday, not just on sunny days.

During the day drink lots of water

Drinking lots of water during the day helps you stay hydrated can help keep your skin looking its very best. People who do not drink enough water tend to have dry and wrinkled skin due to dehydration.

When out and about why not try carrying a bottle of water with you? It reminds you to keep yourself hydrated, and you will have water available to you wherever your day takes you.

Always remove the grime of the day with a good cleanser right before you go to sleep

During the day your skin build’s up with a day’s worth of dirt, pollution, and oil. It is therefore important, before you go to sleep, to take a few minutes to remove any makeup and wash your skin with a cleanser. We recommend the Obagi360 ™ Exfoliating Cleanser. You will then give your pores a chance to relax while you sleep and this will ensure you don’t get a build of grime.

Everyone has a busy lifestyle but it doesn’t have to show on your skin.


To find out more about Obagi Products suitable for your skin type or to book your first FREE initial skin care consultation, please call our Kenilworth clinic on 01926 859988

NEW! PDO Thread Lift from Bank Aesthetics Clinic

PDO threadingBank Aesthetics Clinic now offers the PDO Thread Lift – the revolutionary new absorbable thread lift.

You may have read recently that Gillian Taylforth, (who is best known for her role as Kathy Beale on EastEnders) has turned back time with a non-surgical facelift called the Silhouette Soft which uses a dissolvable thread to remove wrinkles.



How does it work?

During the procedure a thread made of polylactic acid is drawn through the skin after injections of local anesthetic. The thread provides a tailor-made result, lifting specific parts of your face. The acid is completely biodegradable and acts on the deeper layers of the skin and naturally stimulates the body so that it produces its own collagen and over time saggy areas disappear and your face gradually and naturally restores its shapeliness. The thread dissolves completely after 18 months and leaves you with a long lasting regenerative effect.

The benefits of this treatment is that it produces an extremely natural-looking result which leaves the face completely mobile.  Read more here>

Bank Aesthetics provides PDO Thread Lifts to clients in Kenilworth, Coventry, Warwick and Leamington. If you would like to know more, please call us on 01926 859988 to book your complimentary, no-obligation PDO Thread Lift Consultation.

Introducing Weight Reduction Hypnosis

Alex BradshawWe are delighted to announce that from July Alex Bradshaw of Hypnotise Me Slim will be joining us. He is an experienced Hypnotic Weight Reduction Specialist and offers a unique service to our clients wishing to reduce weight without dieting, supplements or even working out!!
By using a cutting edge combination of NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) techniques and utilising a ‘hypnotic gastric band’ his clients instantly eliminate cravings and reduce appetite levels dramatically hence reducing calorie intake.
His Personal Training background gives him great insight into the obstacles that clients attempting to lose weight face.


“This system is totally different” Alex states . ” I have never seen anything this powerful for changing human behaviour. Gone are the old bad habits-overeating, snacking or bingeing. And the best thing is that zero willpower or effort is needed!! Massive weight reductions are now the norm!!”

He will be available for treatment here at Bank Aesthetices in Kenilworth. Please contact Alex direct for details on 07980 667543 or [email protected]

Summer Special Offer- all Bank Aesthetics clients receive
25% off all bookings made before the end August.

More Beautiful Lips…

Following on from our recent blog, we had to share these lips from  a client we saw today.

The client wanted a soft natural enhancement and so we used .5 Juvéderm Smile. She is delighted with the results.
Lips .5 juvederm

For more information on our lip treatments carried out by our expert practitioner,
please call us today on 01926 859988.

Bank Aesthetic’s Guide to Beautiful Lips

Whether its a natural enhancement or to combat signs of ageing, a lip treatment can make a huge difference to your features.

Our aim is to achieve the natural look, and after listening to our patients wishes, we will advice on the best treatment to have to achieve the look you want.

Before any treatment, we carry out a thorough consultation and examination of the lip and mouth area.

Below are some recent examples of our work.

Patient 1 wanted a natural lip enhancement and was treated with 1ml Juvéderm Smile.

Before and after lip treatment


Front view of lips


Patient 2 wanted a lip treatment to correct signs of ageing. Over the years she had lost volume from her lips and support around the mouth area. The patient wanted to keep a natural look. Volume and definition was improved using 1ml Juvéderm smile.

Before and after lip treatment
Patient 3 came to see us for treatment to enhance her natural look. We used 1ml Juvéderm Smile.
Natural look
Patient 4 came to see us for a correction of a deflated top lip. The patient wanted a fuller lip with more projection. This photo was taken straight after treatment and shows a little swelling around the lip area. Treatment was 1ml Juvéderm Smile.
Fuller projected lips
If you have been considering a lip treatment,
please book in for one of our complimentary lip consultations.
Call us today on 01926 859988.