My Obagi Signature Facial

Amber carrying out Obagi facialOur client ambassador has returned for a signature Obagi Facial. Have a read below of her honest review of our treatments and our clinic.


My Obagi Signature Facial

I just experienced the most effective facial I’ve ever had so I’m delighted that I have the opportunity to spread the word so that others can benefit too.


The Obagi signature facial is said to give your skin a total workout and includes microdermabrasion, deep exfoliation, a hyaluronic acid mask, neck and shoulder massage and lymphatic drainage.


For me, this facial completely transformed the way my skin looked.


Whilst many facials I’ve had in the past offered a relaxing experience, none has ever delivered the results achieved by the Obagi signature facial in just one hour.


Double cleanse


My therapist began with a gentle cleanse, using Obagi’s foaming cleanser. In fact, this was a double cleanse (something I emulate at home), to ensure the skin was really clean. The foaming cleanser smells lovely and feels lovely on the skin.


Exfoliating cleanse and tone


The next step – another cleanse – was a gentle exfoliator. This was followed by a toner, by which time we were ready for the deep work to begin.




This is where the Obagi signature facial departs from the standard cleanse-exfoliate-massage-mask facials of most spas. The Exfoderm cream was applied and left on for 5 minutes. During this time, I felt a tingling sensation, as the Exfoderm was doing its work to loosen any dead skin cells and brighten my complexion.


My therapist didn’t waste any time; during the 5 minutes, she gave me a lovely hand and arm massage.




Microdermabrasion has been around for a while, but if you haven’t experienced it, it’s a kind of gentle resurfacing of the skin. What’s brilliant about the Obagi Signature Facial is that microdermabrasion is included so you really feel that your skin has had a very effective workout.


Hyaluronic acid mask


I’ve never had a sheet mask before, but this one was applied in seconds then left on for a whole 20 minutes. During this time, my therapist did a neck and shoulder massage, which I appreciated very much (I have the most knotted shoulders in the whole of Warwickshire!).


Vitamin C therapy


Delivering Vitamin C straight to the skin, this part of the facial felt like the application of a special serum using lymphatic drainage massage. With its antioxidant properties, what better way to apply something that both calms and brightens the skin? This is definitely a product that I could use at home.




Retinol came next. This minimises the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, refining the complexion and smoothing the skin texture. Thank you so much!


The finishing touches


Finally, my therapist completed the treatment with some Obagi hydration cream, SP50 (essential!) and a gentle spray of mineral mist.


First impressions?


On looking in the mirror, my skin was pink and glowing. I could see (and feel) how clean the skin felt.


The next day, I awoke to a complexion that looked youthful, calm, clear and bright. With only a light application of mineral foundation, I hardly wore any makeup and I received a number of compliments about my appearance (with no prompting!).


Now in day 3, the appearance of the open pores that normally bother me has improved greatly and my skin continues to look lovely. Thank you!


I’d definitely recommend this to anyone as a way to develop and maintain beautiful, healthy-looking skin. In particular, if you have a special event coming up, this is a really effective way to ensure you’ll look your best. I was amazed how much could be included in a one-hour treatment and really do believe this was the best facial I have ever had.


Lip Filler Shapes


Lip Fillers are becoming increasingly popular as more and more people want the look of fuller plumper lips. But what exactly are they, and how do they work?

Lip fillers are a pure form of hyaluronic acid (HA): this is a natural substance found in the body. The advantage of using hyaluronic acid is that it attracts much more water to itself than its own weight resulting in a much more natural plumper look. As we age our natural HA begins to slow down thereby reducing its ability to bind with water. That’s why our lips look thinner with age.

However, these days lip fillers aren’t just being used for treating aged lips but are frequently being used by a much younger generation who want to achieve much fuller looking lips or are even looking to adjust the shape of their lips. This has been encouraged by celebrity icons such as Kylie Jenner, Marnie Simpson and Michelle Keegan all undergoing the treatment themselves with beautiful results.

Lip fillers can be used to create many different lip shapes depending on where and how the filler is injected into the lips. Lip fillers can create a natural smile giving the lips and the face a much softer feel to it. There is a range of different types of lip filler products, the product used will be mainly influenced by what sort of lip style you want to achieve. Bank Aesthetic offers a range of different types of fillers with options including Restylane, Juvederm and Teosyal. Restylane is often used to create a firmer and more pronounced lift to the lips, whereas Juvederm is a lot softer and creates volume but is not so pronounced. Teosyal is very similar to both, however, these fillers often last a lot longer than the other two. In your consultation the lip filler product would be discussed with your practitioner along with what desired shape you want your lips to have. By injecting more of the filler in the bottom lip it creates a much fuller but Angelina Jolie style of lips where-as by creating a plumper upper lip it gives a much more dramatic Hollywood style of lips.

Deciding on your lip shape should be mainly based around what lip style would suit you most. A lot of clients come in with a photograph of exactly the shape of lips they want however everyone’s lips will be a different shape so it’s very hard to achieve an exact replica of somebody else’s lip shape. If you are the slightest bit unsure as to what would suit you best feel free to book a consultation with us and we can discuss as to what shapes and style might be best suited for you.


For more information on lip fillers and advice on which treatment is best for you, please get in touch and we will be happy to help and advice. You can email us at [email protected] or call us on 01926 859988.

Bank Aesthetics provides lip filler treatments for patients in Coventry, Leamington and across Warwickshire and the Midlands.

My Treatment Experience


At Bank Aesthetics, we house a variety of quality products used for all different needs of our clients – whether it’s Botox, fillers or even facials. One of our go-to favourite and most effective brands that we offer is Obagi Medical.


Obagi medicalOnly available through physicians, medical spas and other skin care professionals, Bank Aesthetics is proud to offer Obagi products and treatments. It’s the perfect alternative to surgical procedures – helping you take your first steps into aesthetics, being described as a ‘less evasive procedure’. Obagi Medical can be used for many skin related issues, like anti-aging, hyperpigmentation, sun damage and as well as for treating acne prone, greasy and even dry skin.

We spoke to one of our younger patients on her overall experience with Bank Aesthetics and Obagi:


Why did you originally come to Bank Aesthetics?

I came to Bank after hearing positive feedback from friends, who have all been for different kinds of treatments and after having seen Bank’s Facebook page and also carrying out my own research.

I have suffered from mild acne on my cheeks and chin area since a young age, it’s always bothered me and knocked my self-confidence quite drastically.  The only treatments that have really helped me in the past have always been ones that were prescribed by a doctor, usually with some nasty side effects. I was looking for another option that wasn’t so harsh on my skin.


What treatment did you have done?

On first coming to Bank about 6 months ago, I was advised to begin using the Obagi Clenziderm facewash (Obagi’s award winning wash for acne) a few times a week to help tame my acne, as well as using their sun-cream daily.  I incorporated this all into my routine.

I feel like Obagi is perfect in the fact that it allows you to take Amber carrying out Obagi facialthose gentle steps into the aesthetics world, without the daunting side of any surgical procedures.

I had a consultation with Maria, where the Obagi Blue Radiance Peel was first brought up and I thought I’d give it a try. The thought of a peel on my face did scare me a little, but the aesthetician who performed my treatment was amazing. I felt so at ease, she talked me through the whole process, checking up on me regularly.  I felt I was in capable hands.



After the Blue Radiance Peel, there was little aftercare. I just had to be more careful with my skin, wearing sun-cream daily and avoiding things like swimming, saunas etc for a few days. I was also advised to not wear makeup for the rest of that day, but that’s not a problem for me as I don’t tend to wear much anyway.

With a treatment like this, I had it during my lunch break at work and could return afterwards – no hassle or fuss.


Would you have the treatment again?

Definitely! It was so quick and easy. It’s done wonders for my skin, it honestly hasn’t looked this fresh or blemish free in years. I am very happy with the results.

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Summer’s On Its Way!


Summer weather is slowly beginning to arrive in the United Kingdom, luring more and more people outside – barbecues, picnics, beach days, festivals and so much more. Obagi Summer SkinWhile enjoying all that sunshine, we need to remember that the satisfying warmth of the sun’s rays also exposes you to ultraviolet (UV) radiation that can cause skin cancer, premature ageing and even damage to your eyes, including cataracts. With little and simple prevention techniques, you, your family and your friends can enjoy fun in the sun while avoiding sun burns and further damages from the powerful UV rays.


According to statistics from Cancer Research UK, throughout our country, there are almost 15,000 new cases of melanoma skin cancer each year – leaving it as one of the most common forms of cancer in the UK. Although 86% are easily preventable, there are still around 2500 deaths each year.

Preventing potentially fatal harm from the UV rays damaging our skin can be simple, yet effective. There are so many methods which you can follow to stay safe in the sun, such as seeking shade during the hottest times of day – usually between 11am-3pm, covering up with the appropriate clothing – hats, sunglasses and loose fitting items and of course, wearing sun-cream.

Wearing the correct sun-cream helps protect yourself from the premature signs of aging which are often caused by excessive amounts of sun exposure. It’s a common misconception that symptoms of ageing such as spots and wrinkles are just a natural part of aging gracefully, when really, these processes are sped up dramatically by the sun’s UV rays.  Obviously sensible amounts of sun are needed for overall good health, but people tend to go overboard.

We know that choosing the correct sun cream can be difficult…

At Bank Aesthetics, we are proud to provide Obagi products & treatments to our customers. The Obagi medical range is designed to help minimize the appearance of premature skin ageing as well as skin damage, hyperpigmentation, acne & sun damage – suitable for all skin types, genders, and ages.  Available from our clinic, it’s the perfect choice for you, whether it’s to protect yourself from or to improve the appearance of damage from the sun’s harmful UV rays.

To find out more about the treatments and products we offer, including a complimentary skin consultation,  give us a call on 01926 859988.


Lip Fillers – We Take a Look at the Growing Trend

We decided to research into the ever-growing trend of lips fillers in recent years, with the desire for plumper, fuller lips seeming to be on a lot of people’s wish lists.  We have lady with natural looking lipslooked at topic’s surrounding this trend, such as to why and how they have become so popular, and how there can be problems caused. We have summarised these findings in this blog to help you with your own research and to help you make an informed decision.

With social media, television and celebrities all promoting their fuller looking lips, this has impacted fans massively, wanting the same outcome. For example, Kylie Jenner; who in recent years has become famous for her large lips, and who has even managed to create a whole brand regarding them!

There are many beneficial factors in opting for non-surgical procedures, like lip fillers which include the fact that they’re only a semi-permanent fix – meaning that you can achieve the look you want, without worrying about long term health effects on your body… or so it seems.

As this demand for ‘larger lips’ increases, medical professionals are now pushing for laws to be introduced which protect members of the public. The current laws state that anyone, anywhere, at any given time can administer the injections, meaning that without knowing, many have chosen a cheap, unsafe and unhygienic alternative to seeking professional medical care – often resulting in bruised, lumpy and uneven and infected lips. This is not the look promoted by celebrities throughout uses of social media.

Researching lip fillers online, there are some several options that people can choose from, one of which being self-injections.  Averaging at about £50, the self-injected lip fillers can be dangerous. One woman became addicted to these fillers and ended up causing herself £1,200 worth of damage.

Another option regarding lip fillers online is the new cheap solution which is ‘sharing a needle with a friend’, meaning you get the treatment for half price. This is so dangerous, sharing needles is never advised and can end fatally.

Save face accreditationHere at Bank, we have a Government accreditation with Save Face and have received ‘excellence’ this year. This means that we are recognised as a safe and hygienic clinic. Our staff have the correct qualifications needed, as well as years of experience.

Maria Phillips, Bank Aesthetics Director comments ” am proud of my industry, where I am an Advanced Aesthetic Nurse. Serving 10 years has been a privilege, knowing that I am doing the best to my ability in providing safe procedures and in the unlikely event of a complication, I have the knowledge to act promptly to prevent serious injury.  As well as offering competitive prices, you receive a free Lip Enhancement consultation.”


So, if you see treatments online which are cheap and seem like they’re too good to be true, then they probably are!

For more information on lip fillers and advice on which treatment is best for you, please get in touch and we will be happy to help and advise. You can email us at [email protected] or call us on 01926 859988.

Bank Aesthetics provides lip filler treatments for patients in Coventry,  Leamington and across Warwickshire and the Midlands.

Obagi Patient Ambassador – What a difference 6 weeks makes

Yesterday, I had my consultation with Maria at the 6-week point of my Obagi journey. Catherine Gordon after 6 weeks

After having improved the way in which I applied the products, the last 3 weeks had really seen some improvement with some very light peeling in places (which was a positive, as it told me that things were working properly).

At yesterday’s meeting with Maria, we compared ‘before and after’ pics. Oh my goodness! After only 6 weeks, there has been quite a change. I had not appreciated how much sun damage I had before. Now, my face is brighter and clearer (especially on the cheeks) and I’m loving how much more even the skin tone has become.

I’m going to finish using the products in the Nu Derm system, then will return to Bank Aesthetics to discuss going onto the maintenance programme.

The key message for me is that I will never show my face to the world without first applying SPF!


Catherine has told us she is “chuffed” with the appearance of her skin. It has been a delight for us to treat her and we are also delighted with the results; as we always are with Obagi.

To find out more about the Obagi medical  skin care range or our range of Obagi Spa facials, please get in touch.

Obagi Patient Ambassador – Week 4

I’m now approaching the end of Week 4 of using the Obagi Nu Derm system. The end of the six-week course is fast approaching and I’m feeling a bit sad that I’ve passed the  Catherine at week 4mid-way point, as I’ve enjoyed the systematic twice-daily routine using the Obagi products.

How’s it going?

My skin continues to respond well to the treatment. Now that I’m more expert in applying the products, I’m experiencing a little more of a tingle when some of the products go onto the skin.

The third product in the sequence is the ‘No 3. Clear’ skin brightening cream. You apply just a little, massage it into the skin, then take it out to the edges of a face in a feathering motion. I’m feeling a little more tingle as this goes on. The fourth product in the sequence is applied straight after the Clear cream. It is used mornings only. This is an exfoliant, so again there’s a little bit of zing!

There has been a little bit of peeling around the nose, but nothing that anyone would notice.

How does my skin look?

I think my skin looks lighter and brighter. The signs of ageing I had before (notably sun damage) are fading, resulting in a more consistent skin tone overall.

Let’s see how things look in a week’s time. Only two more weeks to go!

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Obagi Patient Ambassador – Mid-Way Review

Our Obagi Patient Ambassador, Catherine is now half-way through her treatment…

Half way through my 6-week Nu-Derm system, I was grateful to have the opportunity to have a consultation with Maria. How did she think my skin looked? Was I using the Photo of Catherine Gordon - mid-way throughright amount of product?

Maria looked carefully at my skin and we discussed how I was getting on with the products. It was really helpful to do this, as I learned that I needed to be more effective in applying the products to my face. We got the products out of their case and I showed Maria how I had been applying them.

Making the process more effective

I did need to make some changes to my application method. Especially for the items that needed to be blended together, it was important to get the products onto my face before blending with my fingers. I’d been gently rubbing my fingers together to distribute the product onto both hands – a throwback from when I trained in beauty therapy and warmed products in my hands before applying. Not so with these medical products! I need to dot them over my face then massage them in gently.

Now, I should begin to see more of a reaction, as my skin has tolerated the products very well so far.

I’ll check in with you again in a few days time to see how the revised regime is suiting me.

Obagi Patient Ambassador – Catherine begins her new Skin Care Regime

Following on from her Obagi Blue Radiance Peel, Catherine begins her new daily skin care regime:


On day 1, I brought the products home and read the instructions carefully. My first go was actually in the evening, so I set out the various bottles in their correct sequence and Obagi CRX Systemfollowed the step-by-step programme. So far, so good.


Some small questions arose in my mind: when applying a ‘pearl-sized’ amount, how much was enough? I tried, first of all, with just a very small amount (as drawn on the bottle by Maria) but I don’t think I squeezed out quite enough.


In the morning, I had my a.m. routine to follow. Feeling more confident, off I went, applying carefully the selected items. This time, the size of the ‘pearl’ (a fraction larger) matched the one illustrated in the instruction leaflet. I felt I had enough to smooth the product all over my face but not too much. On top of the routine, I needed SPF so that went on, too.


I then applied my mineral powder, blush and eye make up.


How does it feel?


At this stage, my skin feels fine. There’s some peeling around the crook of the chin and a little by the nose, but nothing too bad at all. On applying the products, there’s a little warmth, but nothing as zingy as the initial Blue Radiance Peel.


Other people comment that I look really well, but let’s see what Maria thinks when I see her in a couple of weeks time.


A word about the products


The first product I use in the system is the foaming cleanser. Because my skin type is normal/oily, I use the gel cleanser. It’s pink in colour with just a faint rose-like scent. A little goes a long way, so I squeeze out an amount about the size of a 5p piece and apply it to a damp face. It rinses off well, then I’m ready to apply the toner.


I’ll write again next week with an update at the end of week 2!

If you would like to know more about the Obagi product range and
how it can help combat any skin concerns you may have, please get in touch.

Read Catherine’s full story here>

Obagi Patient Ambassador – First Treatment

Catherine, our Obagi Patient Ambassador,  starts her Obagi journey with a Blue Radiance Peel, and she tells us about her experience:

The next step in my journey – the first actual treatment – was to have an Obagi Blue Radiance Peel. This would remove any dead skin cells on the surface of the skin and Obagi Blue Radiance Peelprovide a receptive base for the Nu-Derm system that would follow over the next 6 weeks.


Therapist, Amber, prepared my skin with a lovely foamy wash then applied the Blue Radiance peel in 3 stages. It was a bit like having a very strong toner applied, except this one made my face hot and tingly. At each stage, Amber eased the tingly feeling with ‘tapotement’ (gentle tapping movements with her fingertips). She asked me – on a scale of 1-10 – how my face felt. Each time, I felt a little more intensity.


Once this was done, Amber completed the process by applying a number of products from the Obagi Skin range. This included SPF – vitally important and a part of my routine going forward.


At this stage, my skin felt a little pink but this soon calmed down. Within an hour our so, things looked fine and my skin looked and felt fresh and clean.


The big day comes tomorrow when I start the Obagi Nu-Derm system properly, so I’ll check in with you again once I’m up and running!


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