“I’m Going Through The Change. What Can I Do”?

Some call it ‘The Change’ others may call it ‘The Time Of Life’, however, no matter what you call it menopause is an inevitable fact of life. Menopause is the process that women go through when they stop having their period, the symptoms often affect the inside and the outside of the body. Menopause will occasionally start to appear earlier on with symptoms flaring up from as early as 40, this is called perimenopause.



Going through the Menopause Process can really lower a Woman’s self-esteem as it is often the start of visible signs of ageing. At the point of Menopause, your body begins to slow down the production of Collagen and Elastin by 20% to 80%.


But what are Collagen and Elastin and why do we need them?

Collagen and Elastin are two natural components found in the deeper layer of the skin called the dermis, they are responsible for the appearance of tight, plump and youthful looking skin.


As we age our skin’s production of these two elements drops dramatically. This leaves the skin feeling looser and often encourages the formation of wrinkles in various areas around the face.


Here at Bank Aesthetics, we understand that Menopause can be a really tough time and that it’s hard to feel comfortable in your own skin, so we have come up with a few treatment ideas for you to have a go and feel more like ‘you’ again.


You may also see volume and shape loss in your lips as you go through the Menopause process this is due to your body slowing the production of collagen and elastin. At Bank Aesthetics our highly trained nurses perform lip treatments on many clients who are going through the menopause process. Lip fillers create a plumper and fuller looking lip which is what creates that youthful look.


As for the skin, it naturally loses plumpness as we age. We recommend trying our Juvederm HA fillers at our clinic. HA stands for hyaluronic acid which is naturally produced inside the body. The substance works as a magnet for moisture, helping your cells retain as much of it as possible so that your skin feels and appears hydrated, plump and healthy. HA Fillers can be used in different parts of the face where the volume may be lost, you may find you start to see large bags under your eyes or your cheeks feel a little hollow, Juvederm HA Fillers can be used to fill and even out these areas giving your face a very fresh look.


Around this time, you may feel as though wrinkles are becoming more visible, this is due to the reduction of elastin under the surface of the skin. Wrinkles are inevitable as we all age, however, Botox can help to pause the ageing process. Botox is a muscle relaxant (Botulinum toxin type A) that halts the wrinkle process by relaxing the muscles, so your face can no longer create fine lines. The is perfect for those going through the menopause process as your skin appears more youthful and you generally feel better about yourself.

Through the menopause process, it is important to really maintain the health of your skin as this will optimise your youthful look. We recommend using Obagi products as the results really speak for themselves. Visit our clinic and book a skin consultation to find out what Obagi products we recommend for your skin type.


Finally, we also recommend that you drink the recommended daily intake of water (average of 8 glasses) this will not only be good for you on the outside but it’s really good for your insides too!


We truly believe during menopause every woman should love themselves and feel confident in who they are.


At Bank Aesthetics we offer a free consultation service before any of your procedures where you will be able to discuss the procedure and you can bring up any questions that you have.


We are committed to patient satisfaction, but safety and well-being are second to none. You can email us at [email protected] or call us on 01926 859988.


Bank Aesthetics provides treatments for patients in Coventry, Leamington and across Warwickshire and the Midlands


A Not So Sweaty Summer


It’s summertime and although you may be excited about wearing your favourite dress or t-shirt you might also be nervous about how much you may be sweating during this hot season.


Have you ever felt awkward and uncomfortable about your sweat? Do you feel like you might sweat a lot more than the average person? This is known as hyperhidrosis. Whether it’s trying to avoid clammy handshakes or overly sweaty armpits, uncontrollable sweat can make you feel like it’s controlling your life.  However, there is an unusual solution. Botox (Botulinum Toxin Type A).


New research has revealed that 5% of the population suffers from hyperhidrosis which means that there are 365 million other people just like you who excessively sweat. Hyperhidrosis can completely shatter your confidence but there are many different causes. Some of the causes can be from systemic diseases, neurologic endocrine or infectious which explains hyperhidrosis in perfectly healthy people. other causes could be triggered by heat, emotion or even stress.

Hyperhidrosis can affect anyone at any age as it’s not necessarily something that you’re born with. There are a couple of treatments which can be tried before choosing Botox but often they only alleviate a small amount of the sweating and usually mainly targets the odour.


The Botox treatment involves small doses of Botox (Botulinum Toxin Type A ) into the top layer of skin which blocks the nerves that supply the eccrine gland. This prevents the gland from producing sweat.

The treatment basically cuts out and blocks the receptors from the gland to the brain. The treatment normally lasts around 30 minutes and there is very little discomfort during the process. Another benefit of the treatment is that there is virtually no recovery time and you will start to see improvements within 4 weeks of the treatment.


Botox is not a permanent treatment as it usually only lasts from 4 months to a year depending on how well your body takes the treatment. There are permanent treatments out there however they do have the risk of creating long-term or even permanent damage. The treatment of Botox for hyperhidrosis is safe as eventually, it wears off and another course of treatments are administered.

At Bank Aesthetics we can offer a treatment of Botox to help eliminate your excessive sweating problems. Maria is a fully qualified nurse who performs the procedure and has years of experience behind her. Maria is also a part of the Saveface register which is recognised by the NHS and the government (Find out more here).

To find out more about the Botox treatment we provide click here.


Why not stop by our Kenilworth Clinic to find out more or book a free consultation with us. Call us now on 01926 859988 or you can also contact us through our website here.


We look forward to meeting you.

Are ‘Botched’ Procedures on the Rise?


Love Island has finally come to an end and we’ve spent the summer watching romances, ‘showmances’ and controversy after controversy. Each year the contestants seem to become more glamorous with most female contestants having some form of non-invasive cosmetic procedure done. So, this made us think, are tv shows and social media influencers the cause of the huge demand for non-invasive cosmetic procedures?


Since 2000 the demand for non-invasive cosmetic procedures has risen by 186%. In 2017 Plastic Surgery Statistics report, of the 17.5 million cosmetic procedures reported, 15.7 million of them were non-invasive.


Some believe that shows like Love Island or Keeping Up with the Kardashians influence people to undergo non-invasive cosmetic procedures. Others believe it has become a viral trend on Social Media with Influencers from Facebook, YouTube and Instagram speaking so freely about what cosmetic work they have had done. Either way, the increase in these types of procedures also means there will be an increase in ‘botched’ procedures too.


TV shows like ‘Botched’ on E! highlight the increasing amount of botched procedures that currently happen in America. Most of the time the clients will admit that they found a ‘cheap deal’ or that they didn’t search around enough to find a clinic with a good reputation who is also up to date with their qualifications.


These days it is easier than ever to find someone to perform your cosmetic treatment, but this means it’s also a lot easier for unqualified members of the public to perform the procedure too. If you find yourself looking for a treatment and come across a deal that seems ‘too good to be true’, that’s usually because it is.


It is important to make sure the person performing your treatment is a qualified Nurse/Doctor and is up to date with their training like Maria is at Bank Aesthetics.

save face third year

Make sure you trust you Nurse/Doctor, your consultation is a good chance to get to know your Nurse/Doctor as they should be able to reassure you and make you feel 100% comfortable with your procedure.


Asking many questions is also a great opportunity for you to get to know the Nurse/Doctor performing the treatment. It also helps the Nurse/Doctor understand what you want to gain from the treatment.


Save Face is also a fantastic way to find a local clinic that is safe to use with a good reputation. Save Face is a national register of Accredited practitioners who provide non-surgical cosmetic treatments such as anti-wrinkle injections and dermal fillers. Their Register is accredited by Professional Standards Authority and is recognised by the Government, The Department of Health, NHS England and The Care Quality Commission.


At Bank Aesthetics we are proud to be a part of the Save Face register. “Maria has a wealth of expertise and knowledge in aesthetic treatments and prides herself on keeping up to date by regularly attending training courses and conferences”.

Read Maria’s Save Face profile here.

Visit our qualifications page by clicking the link here.


Safety always comes first so if you are looking for a treatment in the Warwickshire region call us on 01926 859988 to book your free consultation. We look forward to meeting you.


Youngblood Mineral Cosmetics

It’s 2018 and the choice of makeup these days is almost limitless with brands bringing out new products every week, it almost feels like we’re spoilt for choice.

Although we may look good on the outside our makeup can be damaging and can age our skin before our very eyes.

However, Youngblood makeup changes all that.

Youngblood makeup is different from other makeup brands because it uses mineral and natural products as its main ingredients.

Youtube - Youngblood Mineral Cosmetics

Mineral makeup is becoming a lot more popular in recent years, this is most likely because it is a lot healthier for your skin than regular makeup.

Mineral makeup binds to oils rather than water; this means the makeup resists the skins natural water which is a lot more beneficial for the skin.

Makeup is actually good for you, (depending on what brand you purchase), it helps create a barrier between your skin and free radicals floating in the air, (such as pollution and dust).

The only reason makeup is seen as bad for you is due to certain brands using harsh chemicals in their products which react badly to the skin.

Mineral makeup is extremely versatile as it applies to the skin really well and you can also add water to the foundation to create the consistency you desire.

As mineral makeup is so adjustable it’s often a favourite of celebrities and beauty bloggers.

Makeup artists like Tina Turnbow who work with celebrities like Ivanka Trump, Brooke Sheilds and Jennifer Aniston often use a lot of products from the Youngblood Mineral Makeup collection.

Jennifer Aniston - Youngblood

Tina frequently uses the Youngblood primer along with a few drops of the Youngblood foundation, “I like how lightweight it is and it blends well, I can also build it up if needed”.

Jessica Alba is also a long-time fan of the brand as she is very invested in using natural products for her skin, she uses most of the Youngblood makeup products but particularly loves the mascara and lipstick in shade Tangelo.

Jessica Alba's Instagram - Youngblood


Youngblood was created by former medical aesthetician Pauline Youngblood.

A mineral blend such as Malachite, Rhodolite, hematite and Zincite is used to help protect cells and tissues in the skin.

The coverage on the makeup is phenomenal and creates a radiant glow as it works in harmony with your skin.

At Bank Aesthetics we are proud to announce that we are stockists of Youngblood makeup.

We truly believe that this makeup is not just good for your skin but it’s good for your confidence too!

Visit the Youngblood website for more information or contact our Kenilworth Clinic to find out more about the cosmetic products we stock.

For more information on Youngblood Mineral Cosmetics please get in touch and we will be happy to help and advise you. You can email us at [email protected] or call us on 01926 859988.

Youngblood Mineral Cosmetics

Pause Time with Botox

You’ve most likely heard of the term ‘Botox’ at some point in your life but what exactly is Botox?

Botox is the name of the brand used for the treatment but the actual substance used is called Botulinum Toxin type A, it works by inhibiting muscle movement.

Once injected Botox helps to prevent wrinkles from developing or even worsening. It’s no wonder that Botox is the number one cosmetic treatment in the world with it’s ability to almost pause the look of ageing in men and women.

Many celebrities swear by Botox as they believe it halts the signs of ageing keeping them looking younger for longer. Celebrities like Cindy Crawford, Courtney Cox, Simon Cowell and David Hasselhoff have all spoken openly about getting Botox and their fondness for it, however, they also warn about the results of ‘over-doing it’.

Botox works by blocking the nerve signals to certain muscles around the face. Once injected the muscles become much more relaxed which makes the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines on the skin appear non-existent.

The procedure itself takes a very short amount of time but the results can be noticed from 72 hours afterwards but cant often take up to a week to notice results. Botox often lasts from 3 to 6 months but it does all depend on each individuals body as no-one is the same so there’s no official guarantee as to how long it lasts.

Many people have put off the idea of having Botox because the concept of injecting your face frightens them. However, the needle is a lot smaller than you would imagine, it’s about the size of an acupuncture needle. Most patients feel no pain at all whereas some patients feel a tiny stinging sensation which only lasts a second or two.

Botox is generally a safe cosmetic procedure and the results should give you a youthful and fresh look. Unfortunately, there are people/companies out there who are happy enough to take advantage of the popular procedure. BE CAREFUL. At Bank Aesthetics we use the product Botox because of it’s beautiful and reliable results, it also has years of research and clinical data to support the use of the brand. There are other brands out there too which will promote themselves as being the cheaper alternative to Botox but it’s often very unsafe to use these products as they haven’t been tested or use dangerous substances.

Line Smoothing Injections
If you are interested in having Botox done then make sure your Medical Aesthetic Practitioner is fully qualified like Maria Phillips at Bank Aesthetics.
Not only is Maria fully qualified but she has years of experience and is part of the Save Face registry (Save Face is a national register of accredited practitioners who provide non-surgical cosmetic treatments. It is recognised by Professional Standards Authority, the Government, the Department of Health and even the NHS).
Botox is a very desirable cosmetic procedure however it may not be for everyone. Botox cannot be performed on women who are pregnant, nursing mothers or patients with neuromuscular diseases.

It is important that you get all the information you need so that you’re completely aware of the procedure you’re having.

At Bank Aesthetics we offer a free consultation service before your procedure where you will be able to discuss the procedure and you can bring up any questions that you have.

We are committed to patient satisfaction but safety and well-being are second to none. You can email us at [email protected] or call us on 01926 859988.

Bank Aesthetics provides Botox for patients in Coventry, Leamington and across Warwickshire and the Midlands.

Lip Filler FAQ’s


Lip Fillers are one of the most popular treatments we have. They help give the appearance of naturally plumper lips and can also provide definition to more mature looking lips.


However, Lip Fillers aren’t something to be taken lightly and many people often know very little about the procedure before they have it done. We’ve decided to create a post based on some of the frequently asked questions that we often receive to help you understand the procedure.

Q: What do lip fillers do?

A: Lip Fillers are a cosmetic procedure that alters the shape or size of your lips to achieve your desired look.



Q: What are lip fillers made from?

A: Lip fillers are made of a substance called Hyaluronic Acid (or HA) which is a substance that is naturally occurring in the lips and the rest of the body. Hyaluronic acid can hold up to 1000x its own weight in water which is what gives lip fillers their plump look. As we age we naturally lose the plumpness in our lips which is why a lot of women (and men) look to lip fillers later in life to help prevent evidence of ageing.



Q: What different types of lip fillers are there?

A: At Bank Aesthetics we use a variety of products such as Restylane, Teosyal or Juvérderm. Each filler will give a slightly different result and is chosen upon your consultation with your Medical Aesthetic Practitioner who will recommend the best type of filler for you and the results you want to achieve.



Q: What do lip fillers feel like inside of the lips?

A: Lip fillers are generally painless as it’s a little needle injection inserted into anaesthetised lips. Once the fillers have been inserted, your Medical Aesthetic Practitioner will massage it in to evenly distribute the fluid which helps prevent lumps from forming. Immediately after the treatment, your lips will feel swollen and we might recommend you take painkillers (avoid taking any anti-inflammatory painkillers) or use an ice pack, but a lot of clients don’t feel the need to. However, once the swelling is reduced your lips should feel completely natural.



Q: Are they safe? In what circumstances could I not have lip fillers?

A: When lip fillers are done by a qualified Medical Aesthetic Practitioner such as Maria Phillips at Bank Aesthetics, the risks are almost non-existent. However, like most aesthetic beauty treatments if the procedure is performed by a non-certified Medical Aesthetic Practitioner and is done cheaply, then the odds of having a ‘botched’ procedure are very likely. Having a consultation is very important too as it’s not just about your Practitioner meeting you but about you getting to know and having trust in the person performing the procedure. If you’re unsure sure about whether you would be able to have lip fillers feel free to contact us and explain your situation and we can discuss it in more detail.



Q: Does the procedure hurt? Is there any pain or discomfort afterwards?

A: Surprisingly enough the treatment itself has very minimal pain and sometimes clients often feel no pain at all. After the treatment has been given your lips will feel swollen and if at any point you feel discomfort it is recommended to take painkillers (avoid taking any anti-inflammatory painkillers) or use an ice pack lightly on your lips but clients tend not to feel like they need to.



Q: Will there be any swelling and will I have to take any downtime?

A: The swelling tends to last anywhere from 12 to 48 hours after the procedure, during this time your lips may feel more tender than usual. However, there is usually no downtime required as it is not an invasive procedure but if you are concerned you can contact us and we’d be happy to put your mind at rest.


Q: Do lip fillers make your lips bleed?

A: It varies for every client, but there are often a few spots of bleeding at the injection points but usually not more than a drop of blood. Each person is different as some people might bleed more than others.



Q: How long do lip fillers normally last?

A: There is no set length of time that lip fillers will last for, it will depend from person to person. Lip fillers can last from 6 -9 months or 9 – 15 months depending on the choice of product used, this will be discussed in your consultation.


Q: Are lip fillers vegan?

A: Juvederm is vegan-friendly but it is also best to consult your Medical Aesthetic Practitioner.



Q: Should I take painkillers before-hand?

A: It is best if you do not take any painkillers before your procedure especially anti-inflammatory ones such as ibuprofen or aspirin. If you do feel discomfort after your treatment we advise you take paracetamol, avoid taking any anti-inflammatory painkillers until 2 days after your procedure.



Q: Can I exercise after having my lips done?

A: Usually, we suggest you rest for 1 – 2 days as the increase in blood flow might aggravate your lips and encourage more bruising and swelling which could make your lips feel more painful and take longer to heal.


Q: How soon after I have my lips done can I use a sunbed or sunbathe?

A: Try to stay out of the sun for at least a week after treatment. This allows your skin to properly react and fully benefit from the treatment.

You should also try to avoid exposing your lips to extreme cold temperature for a week as well.



Q: How soon after having my lips done can I touch my face?

A: You can touch your face immediately after, but we would recommend not touching your lips for 6 – 12 hours to allow the filler to settle. If you would like to apply light makeup we also recommend waiting one day after the treatment so that the injection sites have time to fully close ensuring you don’t get any clogged pores.


Q: How should I choose who performs the procedure on my lips?

A: Always choose a Medical Aesthetic Practitioner such as Maria Phillips who is medically qualified with years of experience and is someone who you can trust. If you find a cheap deal online that seems too good to be true that’s usually because it is! Be careful with who you choose, make sure you take full advantage of the consultation to discuss anything about the procedure and don’t be afraid to ask questions!


For more information on lip fillers and advice on which treatment is best for you, please get in touch and we will be happy to help and advise you or book a free consultation with us. You can email us at [email protected] or call us on 01926 859988.


Bank Aesthetics provides lip filler treatments for patients in Coventry,  Leamington and across Warwickshire and the Midlands.







UV Rays – The Invisible Danger

When we think of UV protection we tend to think of our lovely summer holidays, lying by the beach applying your suncream and soaking in the rays. However, the shocking truth is that UV rays damage and penetrate the skin all year round regardless of the weather.

There are different types of UV rays, in fact, there are 3 types of UV rays. UVC rays are the rays that are absorbed by the Earths atmosphere and are harmless as they never reach your skin. However, UVA and UVB rays are the ones that you need to be more cautious about. For a long time, it was thought that UVB rays were the worst but they would only affect you at peak sun times (10:00 am till 4:00 pm) but it’s actually the UVA rays that you have to be worried about. UVA rays are known as the worst of all the UV rays as they occur all day long regardless of whether there are clouds in the sky; UVA’s also penetrate the skin a lot deeper and has been known to play a major part in skin ageing and wrinkling.

Ageing is a major result of sun damage. The Ultra-Violet light damages the fibre in your skin called elastin and collagen. Elastin and Collagen are found in the dermis layer of skin (just below the very outer most layer of skin). Collagen breaks down naturally as we age but due to the UV rays, the break down happens a lot faster making us look older from earlier on. Scientists believe that UV rays can be accounted for 80% of skin ageing (including wrinkles) in a study of almost 300 women, half sun worshippers and half sun shy. One way to check how much sun damage you have is if you look at the skin on your hands and the skin on your upper arms, the majority of the time your upper arm will look the best. This is because our hands are constantly exposed to UV rays all year round whereas we tend to wear jumpers and long sleeve tops that cover our arms which protect us from the UV rays.
UV damage is a major contributor towards the production of cancer cells as it causes excessive genetic mutations. It is believed the amount of sun an exposure a person experiences before the age of 20 is the determining risk factor for melanoma.

It is important to start using SPF products in our everyday lives to as today’s cute sun freckle will be tomorrows age spot. Obagi Medical has designed a variety of products to help protect your skin from sun damage. This includes their Obagi 360 moisturizing cream with SPF 30, their Obagi Nu-Derm UV protection sunscreen SPF 32 and the Helliocare with SPF 50, these are recommended to be used every day for the ultimate protection. Using an Obagi SPF cream can also be worn under foundation acting as a shield from UV Rays and as a primer for your foundation. These sun protection creams can be purchased from our clinic, Bank Aesthetics.


It is important to start protecting your skin and using sun protection creams now as in the future you’ll be wishing you had started earlier on.

My Experience with Bank Aesthetics – Obagi Peel


I’ve always struggled with my skin.

I’m 21 and my skin just drives me crazy, I wouldn’t be able to categorise my skin as some months my skin is dry whereas other months I find my skin unbearably oily. My main issue, however, wasn’t my skin type it was my acne scarring and redness. When I was younger I suffered from slight acne, I used to pop them and I realised that was how my acne scarred me. I also suffer from sensitive skin so I often react to face masks face washes so I wasn’t really able to help look after my skin well.


I visited Bank Aesthetics as I had seen their Instagram and saw they actually got results. I spoke to Maria and told her about my concerns regarding my skin. She reassured me and told me it was a common issue among women and suggested using an Obagi Blue Radiance peel would be the best option for me. I’ve always been sceptical about face peels as I always thought the idea of my face peeling was off-putting however the treatment was nothing like I had expected.

On the day of my treatment, I turned up with makeup-free skin and felt nervous and excited at the same time.   I was seated in the waiting area and given a checklist to make sure I was ok to still have the treatment. The therapist was very gentle, she began by cleansing my skin to prepare it for the treatment. The therapist applied the treatment (Obagi Blue Radiance Skin Peel) to my skin and immediately felt the effects. The sensation could only be described as a hot tingly sensation that only last a couple of seconds. A second layer was then applied with the same sensation afterwards. The therapist kept asking me if I was ok with the sensation which was very comforting. Afterwards, the therapist suggested a few products that would really suit my skin which was extremely helpful.


1 Hour Later.

An hour after my treatment and my skin feels very tight, shiny and is quite red. It immediately felt soft to touch.


3 Days Later.

My skin is very tight at this point, particularly around forehead and cheeks. The redness has completely gone and my skin has a very even colour to it.



1 Week Later.

My skin has begun to peel around my nose, chin and my forehead but it just looks like a have very dry skin so I felt comfortable to be seen out in public. My skin generally looks a lot brighter and it still feels really soft.

2 Weeks Later.

The therapist suggested that the effects of the treatment would be visible in 2 weeks time.

I am so happy with the results, the difference for me is how soft my skin feels and the redness. Whenever I used to shower my skin would flare up for hours and I wouldn’t be able to put on makeup but now my skin feels completely normal and I can apply makeup after I shower. When I do put on my makeup it sits effortlessly on my skin it feels amazing!

I have only had one session so I think I might get one or two more in the next few weeks but even after one session, I am so impressed.

I will be recommending this treatment to all my friends and I’d really like to thank the team at Bank Aesthetics for making me feel comfortable in my own skin!


Discover more about Obagi at our event on 7th March 2018 from 4 pm – 7pm.
Read more about the event here or call us on 01926 859988 to book your place.

Maria Phillips Recognised with Her Own Dedicated National Award from Obagi UK

Each year Obagi UK and its UK distributors Healthxchange hold a national award ceremony to give recognition to clinics and clinicians whDiamond Ambassador Presentationo have gone above and beyond for the brand. In the past two years Bank Aesthetics has picked up the crown of “Best Use of Marketing in Clinic” and going into this year’s awards, the clinic felt it was in a strong position to retain the title for a third year.

Obagi however had different ideas and unknown to Maria Phillips, Director at Bank Aesthetics, Obagi had decided to create a special “Diamond Ambassador Award” and present it to Maria in recognition of her product knowledge and her dedication and commitment to the Obagi Medical range of products. Maria has already been recognised as an Obagi Ambassador, but her work and the growth of the Obagi brand in her clinic has catapulted her to the unique status of “Diamond Ambassador”. Obagi has also called upon Maria to represent them in front of her peer group at the British Association of Cosmetic Nurses (BACN), most recently talking at the BACN Conference at the NEC.

Maria Phillips says, “The priority for my clinic has always been my patients and delivering the best possible outcomes for them. My decision to choose Obagi for my clinic above other similar brands came after carrying out extensive research, which included reading clinical papers and reviewing patient case studies. The patient outcomes were remarkable and even today, after 5 years of treating patients’ skin concerns with Obagi Medical, I am still impressed with the results I see on a daily basis.”

Maria continues, ”It is hard to put into words how much winning the “Diamond Ambassador Award” means to me. It is wonderful to have received such high recognition from Obagi UK, a company I hold a great deal of respect for. My relationship with Obagi is a true partnership and one that has helped me grow and develop both personally and professionally; I am looking forward to working with Obagi for many years to come.”

Maria has developed a unique range of Obagi Skin Spa Facials to help treat a range of skin concerns.
Why not take a look and treat yourself?

Maria Represents Medical Supplier at National Conference

Our Clinic Director, Maria Phillips, recently represented HealthXchange (manufacturers Obagi BACN Programmeof Obagi Medical products) at the National Conference for the BACN (British Association of Cosmetic Nurses). Maria presented for 45 minutes and answered questions from the audience on why she chose the Obagi range for her clinic.

Maria explains, “I was honoured to be asked to represent Obagi at this prestigious event. It is a range of products I am passionate about, backed up by the results I see in patients on a daily basis. It was a little nerve-racking presenting to my peers, but my experience, knowledge and belief in the products gave me the confidence to deliver the talk. The feedback I received was very positive, with many people saying the before and after photos used in the case studies I discussed were the best they had ever seen.”

Maria adds, “I have just been asked to represent HealthXchange at another event, which I was proud to accept”.

Discover more about the Obagi Medical Product Range.