My Experience with Bank Aesthetics – Obagi Peel


I’ve always struggled with my skin.

I’m 21 and my skin just drives me crazy, I wouldn’t be able to categorise my skin as some months my skin is dry whereas other months I find my skin unbearably oily. My main issue, however, wasn’t my skin type it was my acne scarring and redness. When I was younger I suffered from slight acne, I used to pop them and I realised that was how my acne scarred me. I also suffer from sensitive skin so I often react to face masks face washes so I wasn’t really able to help look after my skin well.


I visited Bank Aesthetics as I had seen their Instagram and saw they actually got results. I spoke to Maria and told her about my concerns regarding my skin. She reassured me and told me it was a common issue among women and suggested using an Obagi Blue Radiance peel would be the best option for me. I’ve always been sceptical about face peels as I always thought the idea of my face peeling was off-putting however the treatment was nothing like I had expected.

On the day of my treatment, I turned up with makeup-free skin and felt nervous and excited at the same time.   I was seated in the waiting area and given a checklist to make sure I was ok to still have the treatment. The therapist was very gentle, she began by cleansing my skin to prepare it for the treatment. The therapist applied the treatment (Obagi Blue Radiance Skin Peel) to my skin and immediately felt the effects. The sensation could only be described as a hot tingly sensation that only last a couple of seconds. A second layer was then applied with the same sensation afterwards. The therapist kept asking me if I was ok with the sensation which was very comforting. Afterwards, the therapist suggested a few products that would really suit my skin which was extremely helpful.


1 Hour Later.

An hour after my treatment and my skin feels very tight, shiny and is quite red. It immediately felt soft to touch.


3 Days Later.

My skin is very tight at this point, particularly around forehead and cheeks. The redness has completely gone and my skin has a very even colour to it.



1 Week Later.

My skin has begun to peel around my nose, chin and my forehead but it just looks like a have very dry skin so I felt comfortable to be seen out in public. My skin generally looks a lot brighter and it still feels really soft.

2 Weeks Later.

The therapist suggested that the effects of the treatment would be visible in 2 weeks time.

I am so happy with the results, the difference for me is how soft my skin feels and the redness. Whenever I used to shower my skin would flare up for hours and I wouldn’t be able to put on makeup but now my skin feels completely normal and I can apply makeup after I shower. When I do put on my makeup it sits effortlessly on my skin it feels amazing!

I have only had one session so I think I might get one or two more in the next few weeks but even after one session, I am so impressed.

I will be recommending this treatment to all my friends and I’d really like to thank the team at Bank Aesthetics for making me feel comfortable in my own skin!


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