Men’s Advice

The one thing that concerns gentlemen before they begin their first treatment is: will anyone notice that something ‘has been done’?


In my experience men tend to be quite apprehensive about having cosmetic treatments in case the improvements are too obvious.  The good news is that you will look great and completely natural.


Men come to me from all walks of life.  Some work hard to achieve the perfect physique in the gym and with male-grooming.  These men are quite happy having treatments to make their face and skin look great to complement their body.


Some men, despite their healthy diet and fitness regime, are let down by their facial looks and skin tone.  They recognise that they need treatments to give them an extra boost to their looks.


I have male clients who hold down jobs that are hard on their skin such as police officers, firemen, refuse collectors and builders.  These guys will have treatments that will prevent their jobs taking a toll on their face.


Men and women can lack confidence when they are made redundant at work or are between relationships.  Both come to me to help them improve their face and skin to give them a much needed boost so that they can step back out on to the social scene and fingers-crossed their new relationship!