PDO Threads

PDO Thread LiftWe are now able to offer PDO thread lift treatments, a non-surgical face lift revolutionising aesthetics.

This type of face lift is commonly referred to as the “lunch hour lift” due to the fact that compared to traditional face lifts, the thread lift is a relatively quick and simple procedure. Threads are inserted by your ear using a tiny cannula and then gently pushed along the contours in your jaw line. This causes your body started to produce collagen, the effect then being a tightening of the skin for a natural lift around the jaw area. The results differ for every person, but the look is natural and the face appears rejuvenated and refreshed. Over time, the threads dissolve and as there is no invasive surgery there is no scarring and a quick recovery time.

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How does it work?
During the procedure a thread made of polylactic acid is drawn through the skin after injections of local anesthetic. The thread provides a tailor-made result, lifting specific parts of your face. The acid is completely biodegradable and acts on the deeper layers of the skin and naturally stimulates the body so that it produces its own collagen and over time saggy areas disappear and your face gradually and naturally restores its shapeliness. The thread dissolves completely after 18 months and leaves you with a long lasting regenerative effect.
The benefits of this treatment is that it produces an extremely natural-looking result which leaves the face completely mobile

What are PDO threads?
Polydioxanone PDO is a synthetic absorbable monofilament thread which is commonly used in cardiovascular and fine ligatures. It is ultra-thin and polydioxanone dissolves in up to 8 months and which yields rejuvenation results. The application of the thread is practically non-invasive and painless. It takes up to 50 minutes and leaves no scaring or cuts and the minor redness disappears within a few days normally.

This procedure creates an alternative for patients who do not want to go down the surgical route but want the effects of a surgical face- lift.

At Bank Aesthetics, we use these threads to regenerate the skin improving the structure of the face, neck and décolleté. The procedure creates a natural and youthful appearance and protects against wrinkles for a period of time. The threads dissolve themselves but the benefits can be seen for 12-18 months.

Is this treatment suitable for me?
The procedure is suitable for patients 25 years and older when the ageing effects start to become more noticeable. Ageing causes the skin to sag because collagen and elastin fibres breakdown. PDO threads help to reverse this process.

The threads do not pull artificially, the lifting produces collagen itself and then improves the blood circulation for elastic and eliminates wrinkles naturally. NB. Please note that all results vary but we aim to manage our patients expectations.

After Care For Patients having PDO Lifts
Slight to moderate bruising is fairly normal, a depression in the skin, skin bunching or some irregularity can appear at the thread entry points. These generally disappear at 3-7 days post treatment, although sometimes they can remain longer.

In order to optimise results and treatment we advise you:

  • To keep your head elevated at least 30 degrees for the first 3 nights
  • To sleep preferably on your back to avoid rubbing against the pillow for 5 days
  • To clean and dry face without rubbing for 5 days
  • To shave, put make-up on and wash hair softly for 5 days
  • No sun exposure or sun beds for 2 weeks
  • No facial massages or other aesthetic facial treatment for 4 weeks
  • No contact sports or very high impact exercise for 4 weeks
  • No sauna or Turkish hamman 3 weeks
  • No dental procedures for 3 weeks
  • No extensive yawning, drinking through a straw please keep facial movement to minimum
  • No whistling, pouting or kissing for 2 weeks

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