Looking for great gift ideas for Christmas? Don’t choose Cheap Botox injections

In the lead up to Christmas, the demand for non-surgical cosmetic procedures has led to an increase in the number of people administering these types of treatments at incredibly low prices. Non-surgical cosmetic procedures, and botulinum toxin (Botox™) injections are costly and for a very good reason. The costs involved in using licensed products, providing an excellent standard of service and follow up and meeting the necessary safety requirements is huge and so in order to meet these costs, quality practitioners who have to set their prices accordingly.

clinic treatment areaIn order to offer ‘cheap botox’ unqualified practitioners are unlikely to invest in any of the above. They don’t invest in research, training, the environment they work in, care standards and protection should things go wrong and they are an accident waiting to happen. There are lots of risks involved in non-surgical cosmetic procedures, and without the necessary safeguards in place, side effects and complications are more likely to occur.

Quality non-surgical cosmetic treatments are expensive, and as such, patients receiving them have the right to expect a quality service in an appropriate environment. Botulinum toxin (Botox™) injections should never be administered at a party, in a hotel room, at a shop or at home. All patients, when researching and receiving these treatments, should expect to be treated with respect; be kept fully informed; and to be given time, care and attention throughout the entire experience.

In order to ensure their safety, patients should always select a qualified, established practitioner who has built up a good reputation over time. New patients should check on the aesthetic practitioner’s experience, qualifications and products used – as only a few products are licensed. The chosen practitioner should have a physical address and a landline listed on their website.

Maria Phillips, Medical Aesthetics Practitioner and Regional Lead Nurse of The British Association of Cosmetic Nurses at Bank Aesthetics based in Kenilworth says: “As a responsible non-surgical cosmetic practitioner I invest heavily in training and ongoing education in order to expertly deliver safe treatments for my patients and having received initial training I will continue to invest in further education, attending conferences, workshops, training updates and meetings. These are medical not beauty treatments and should be used with great respect. We pride ourselves in raising standards in our industry and the safety of our patients is a priority for us.”

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