Introducing Weight Reduction Hypnosis

Alex BradshawWe are delighted to announce that from July Alex Bradshaw of Hypnotise Me Slim will be joining us. He is an experienced Hypnotic Weight Reduction Specialist and offers a unique service to our clients wishing to reduce weight without dieting, supplements or even working out!!
By using a cutting edge combination of NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) techniques and utilising a ‘hypnotic gastric band’ his clients instantly eliminate cravings and reduce appetite levels dramatically hence reducing calorie intake.
His Personal Training background gives him great insight into the obstacles that clients attempting to lose weight face.


“This system is totally different” Alex states . ” I have never seen anything this powerful for changing human behaviour. Gone are the old bad habits-overeating, snacking or bingeing. And the best thing is that zero willpower or effort is needed!! Massive weight reductions are now the norm!!”

He will be available for treatment here at Bank Aesthetices in Kenilworth. Please contact Alex direct for details on 07980 667543 or [email protected]

Summer Special Offer- all Bank Aesthetics clients receive
25% off all bookings made before the end August.