Get those lips more kissable for Christmas!

lip fillerLip fillers have been on the receiving end of bad press in recent years as we celebrities and others taking things to an extreme.

At Bank Aesthetics, we believe less is more and that the goal with any aesthetics treatment is to achieve a natural look.

A filler treatment to the lip area is the perfect way to enhance your lips in a subtle way, and can help with reducing the signs of ageing around the mouth and chin areas. As we get older lips can appear thinner and a filler treatment will add fullness back again.

Lip fillers can also be used to ease any drooping around the corners of your mouth and smooth any vertical lines and wrinkles that may be starting to appear around the lip area. They also help reduce lines between the lip corners and the chin.

As well as helping with the signs of ageing, we see many clients who have other reasons for wanting to enhance their lip shape. They would like to see a fuller shape to their lips, or adjust the proportions of top and bottom lip or possibly even add definition to lip edges.

Sometimes an application of Botox may be needed to relax the muscles around the mouth area to improve the appearance of static lines.

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Also, not many people realise that another benefit of filler treatments is its moisturising qualities.  Many moisturises contain hyaluronic acid but facial fillers replenish the hyaluronic acid deep within the skin, providing a deep moisturising treatment to your skin.

Whatever your reason a lip filler treatment, get in touch today and get those lips more kissable for Christmas!

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