Chin Up Mask Introductory Offer

Chin up facial maskChinUp, made with all natural ingredients, is the new non-surgical solution to facelifts, without the pain or fuss.

This product is a quick and easy fix to sagging necks and jawlines, and the whole process from start to finish can even be completed within 45 minutes!  Bank goes that one step further and incorporates a 15 minute face and neck massage, bringing the completed time of the treatment to an hour long.  It has been proven and tested to give you instant results as well as having other major beneficial factors such as being a cheaper alternative to surgery, age defence and naturally nourishing your skin in the process.

ChinUp works by using naturally sourced ingredients including extracts of mint and citrus fruits, combined with Skintonics, Q10 & Corum 9235, creating the contoured look you’ve always wished for.

Having using the product only once, the face, neck and jawline appear noticeably slimmer and more youthful, with reduced sagging. The effects have lasted up to 3 days in some cases.


Usual price is £60, but Bank’s amazing offer is bringing the full treatment down to £30 – half price!

This offer is limited. Please call the clinic to find out more or to book your treatment. The number is: 01926 859988.