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“I’m Going Through The Change. What Can I Do”?

Some call it ‘The Change’ others may call it ‘The Time Of Life’, however, no matter what you call it menopause is an inevitable fact of life. Menopause is the process that women go through when they stop having their period, the symptoms often affect the inside and the outside of the body. Menopause will… Read more »

A Not So Sweaty Summer

  It’s summertime and although you may be excited about wearing your favourite dress or t-shirt you might also be nervous about how much you may be sweating during this hot season.   Have you ever felt awkward and uncomfortable about your sweat? Do you feel like you might sweat a lot more than the… Read more »

Are ‘Botched’ Procedures on the Rise?

  Love Island has finally come to an end and we’ve spent the summer watching romances, ‘showmances’ and controversy after controversy. Each year the contestants seem to become more glamorous with most female contestants having some form of non-invasive cosmetic procedure done. So, this made us think, are tv shows and social media influencers the… Read more »

Youngblood Mineral Cosmetics

It’s 2018 and the choice of makeup these days is almost limitless with brands bringing out new products every week, it almost feels like we’re spoilt for choice. Although we may look good on the outside our makeup can be damaging and can age our skin before our very eyes. However, Youngblood makeup changes all… Read more »

Pause Time with Botox

You’ve most likely heard of the term ‘Botox’ at some point in your life but what exactly is Botox? Botox is the name of the brand used for the treatment but the actual substance used is called Botulinum Toxin type A, it works by inhibiting muscle movement. Once injected Botox helps to prevent wrinkles from… Read more »

Lip Filler FAQ’s

  Lip Fillers are one of the most popular treatments we have. They help give the appearance of naturally plumper lips and can also provide definition to more mature looking lips.   However, Lip Fillers aren’t something to be taken lightly and many people often know very little about the procedure before they have it… Read more »

UV Rays – The Invisible Danger

When we think of UV protection we tend to think of our lovely summer holidays, lying by the beach applying your suncream and soaking in the rays. However, the shocking truth is that UV rays damage and penetrate the skin all year round regardless of the weather. There are different types of UV rays, in… Read more »

My Experience with Bank Aesthetics – Obagi Peel

  I’ve always struggled with my skin. I’m 21 and my skin just drives me crazy, I wouldn’t be able to categorise my skin as some months my skin is dry whereas other months I find my skin unbearably oily. My main issue, however, wasn’t my skin type it was my acne scarring and redness…. Read more »

Maria Represents Medical Supplier at National Conference

Our Clinic Director, Maria Phillips, recently represented HealthXchange (manufacturers of Obagi Medical products) at the National Conference for the BACN (British Association of Cosmetic Nurses). Maria presented for 45 minutes and answered questions from the audience on why she chose the Obagi range for her clinic. Maria explains, “I was honoured to be asked to… Read more »