Beautifil Appear on ITV’s #safetyinbeauty Feature

ITVWe were delighted when we were approached by Antonia Maraconda and ITV to take part in a recent report on the #safetyinbeauty campaign.

Beautifil Aesthetics are passionate about improving the regulations that cover non-surgical cosmetic procedures. Our team are all trained experts in their field and client wellbeing and safety are our main priorities.

There must be new regulations put in place to prevent the horrendous misuse of fillers carried out by people who have not been medically trained and who cannot understand the full impact of the treatments they carry out. Skin can be left damaged which causes unnecessary stress and trauma to the patient.

The law must change to ensure that non-surgical cosmetic treatments are carried out by trained medical professionals in a clinical location.

Watch the full ITV report here.

If you have suffered a bad experience after under going a non-surgical cosmetic procedure, please get in touch. We are happy to offer all our clients a free initial consultation, so why not contact us?