Bank Aesthetics Becomes One of the First in UK to be Save Face Accredited

save face accreditationWe are proud to announce we have just become one of the first aesthetic clinics in the UK to be accredited by Save Face, a new independent register set up after recommendations within the Government’s Keogh Report* for an independent, statutory register of cosmetic practitioners, was rejected by the Government.

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What is the Save Face register?

The Save Face register will ensure that aesthetic practitioners are accredited and regulated through robust auditing and monitoring measures, which will enable clients to make an informed decision when selecting a practitioner to undergo non-surgical cosmetic treatments.

Maria Phillips, Clinical Director and a practitioner at the clinic explains why this accreditation is so important to her and to Save Face Accreditation members of the public.  “As soon as I heard about Save Face I wanted to be accredited. From the minute I opened the doors to my clinic I wanted patient safety and quality of care to be a priority. I am passionate about promoting the fact that the aesthetics industry must be recognised under the medical label and not beauty.

My medical background as a nurse and medical prescriber combined with many years of training and experience in aesthetic treatments can now be officially acknowledged through the Save Face accreditation.  It scares me to think that there are people out there administering aesthetics procedure after just a few days training.

Save Face will put a stop to under qualified and inexperienced practitioners as they have strict guidelines in place, covering both the practitioner and the clinic. I am proud to be one of the first clinics in the UK to be recognised under this scheme and hope that members of the public understand the importance of it when making their choice for treatments.”

Emma Davies, former Chair of the  British Association of Cosmetic Nurses, now Clinical Director of Save Face said: “Whatever the Government achieves from Keogh, we need a register of accredited clinics and practitioners. Without it, the consumer cannot be expected to navigate their way to a safe pair of hands and confidence. “
Every facial aesthetic practitioner accredited by Save Face will have been visited and interviewed by an assessor and their premises will have been inspected. Only those that meet our exacting standards receive the seal of approval and appear one the Save Face Register.

Bank Aesthetics Clinic is one of the first aesthetic clinics to be accredited to the Save Face Register.  Choosing to have a cosmetic procedure is a big possibly life-changing decision and so it is important you choose a reputable one.  Call us today on 01926 859988 to book your FREE no-obligation consultation.

* Background to Keogh Report – Earlier this year, following the PIP implants scare and the need for safe, quality products, procedures and providers, the Government undertook a review of the cosmetic industry in the UK.  The Review was undertaken by Sir Bruce Keogh and a draft Cosmetic Bill, The Keogh Report,  was prepared which was due to go to Parliament for approval in September 2013. This did not happen because of other pressing issues and so regulation could still be two to three years away.